High performance WordPress hosting 

Increase your website performance and boost SEO visibility!

BuilT For Speed

We use state-of-the-art technology like LiteSpeed, PHP 7.4, MariaDB, to make sure your WordPress website loads amazingly fast.


All of our servers are built on latest operating systems, high performance processors, abundance of memory, and driven by SSD (solid state drives). 


We have website backups performed each Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday with retention of 5 backups. 


Not sure how to transfer your website? We will migrate your WordPress website free of charge within two business days. 



Each account is vetted, we allow no auto-sign ups. No shady businesses, spammers, hack magnets, or other abusers are allowed on our servers. 


Improve your search ranking for local audience, connectivity, and latency. We are located in Atlanta, GA and so is our data center.

FREE SSL Certificate

FREE SSL Certificate

Receive a free SSL certificate with any website hosting plan. Boost your website ranking and gain customers trust. Google® has been applying as much as 5% ranking boost to pages using an SSL Certificate since 2014.

Lightning fast SSD powered WordPress Hosting

Solid State Drives (SSD) are at least 15x times faster than your traditional mechanical hard drives. They are up to 10x times more reliable and are much more energy efficient giving you the fastest possible WordPress hosting available in the market.   

LSCache Plugin

The LSCache plugin includes built-in PageSpeed optimization, image optimization service, critical CSS generation service, third-party CDN integration and more. With support for personalized WooCommerce cache, and a highly-configurable cache crawler, LSCache is the key to noticeably improving user experience across all of your sites.

LiteSpeed server

LiteSpeed Web Server conserves resources without sacrificing performance, security, or compatibility. Replace Apache with LiteSpeed, and double your maximum capacity, eliminate the need for a 3rd party caching layer. For WordPress, LiteSpeed delivers the goods faster than any other HTTP/2 server. Up to 12 times faster than nginx!

cPanel control panel

cPanel is one of the most popular and easy to use hosting panels. It offers tons of options and total control over your web hosting from an easy to use interface.

Our servers are optimized for speed. Running latest stable versions of PHP, MySQL/MariaDB, and more all tweaked for best performance. All of this plus LiteSpeed Server with LiteSpeed cache for all WordPress installations at your fingertips.